I sat in a Swede's kitchen, ate a boy's chocolate cake and talked on the phone to Cute Jake. We are going to build a loving caring relationship, because he's no longer that guy who'll just smooch and run. Hah. I am having the time. I saw so many today. I am forthwith and forward and enjoying. Yes. Life.

I talked with my friend who loves Princeton. They paid her to visit. She watched a three hour Weirmarcht German Silent film, and listened to people making incessant goat jokes. But she loved it. She's ready for college. I'm actually excited about Thanksgiving.

I'm excited about the potentialities of a Swedish manfriend and the boy in the green jacket. Jake. What a great name. I'm rackin up the points.

Who am I today? I watched an R rated movie on Sunday afternoon. And I rejoiced in Colin Firth. Happiness.

"To Bridget - just as she is."